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Cable TV Issues in Gilbert, Roland, and Jewell

As you are likely aware, we are currently experiencing issues with our TV service. Recent firmware upgrades are causing some set-top boxes to not sync. We recommend you do not reboot or power down your set-top box at this time. We have engaged our vendor and are doing everything we can to restore service promptly. We’ve made some progress on the TV issues since Friday, but are awaiting some information from our box manufacturer before we can proceed with a fix for one of our more common boxes. We apologize that we don’t have this resolved yet and recognize how frustrating any service interruption can be. Please know that we have spent many hours this weekend working on it. We expect to have additional details today. Operational boxes may lose guide data or DVR functionality. Rebooting your box will not restore these functions and will likely result in loss of signal. At this time, please avoid rebooting set-top boxes for any reason. We have provided a scrolling guide on Channel 2 so that you have an option for a channel guide while we work to restore the regular guide. We will update you on the situation here and on our Facebook page as information becomes available.