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Fiber Optics

Higher Internet Speeds Are Coming, Don’t Miss Out!

Stratford Mutual Telephone Company will be offering internet, telephone and TV services via fiber optics in your neighborhood. Fiber optic cables are designed to carry data great distances without signal loss or interference for extremely high upload and download speeds.

Fiber What?

A fiber drop connects a single fiber cable to larger cables from our network, and then to the side of your home or building, allowing future installation of fiber optic services to proceed seamlessly.

A fiber connection will provide you with access to virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity and internet speed. Enjoy data-intensive applications such as video streaming, online gaming, cloud storage, online education and more.

Still have questions? We have more answers.
Check out our Fiber to the Home FAQs.

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Check the Fiber Availability in Your Neighborhood

A portion of Story City already has access to fiber optics services while a larger portion is scheduled to have access this summer or fall. Check where your neighborhood falls on our coverage map. If your neighborhood isn’t included in our current or future service area, and you’d like fiber optic services from SMTC, let us know. Complete the form below as we’re compiling areas of interest for future expansion.

Get Free Construction for a Limited Time

We will be installing the main optical fiber cable throughout Story City starting in April. If you would like access to our service, anytime in the future, with no construction cost, we need your authorization now. By providing authorization, you are not obligated to future services with SMTC. Even if you don’t have any immediate plans to switch providers, we would still encourage you to contact us with authorization to run the service to your property. Take a look at the services we provide in Story City when you’re ready to decide if SMTC would be a good fit for you in the future.

If we are adding fiber optics in your area you will receive notice via a door hanger of the dates we will be in your neighborhood. If you’d like to authorize SMTC to plow a fiber drop to your house at no cost you must do so 5 days in advance of construction in your neighborhood.

Provide Construction Authorization

Take advantage of this opportunity for free construction, or pay the fee at a later date. Contact us now to ensure that we don’t miss your address while our crews are in your neighborhood. You can provide authorization by calling us at 515-838-2396, emailing us at or completing the form below.