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Major Service Outage Alert Affecting All Customers

**Update 6-22-22 5:30pm**

TV Customers…We have continually worked on TV service. At this point, we are seeing set top boxes connect across the network. Customers may need to reboot boxes multiple times in order to get through the boot sequence. Once the boot sequence completes, some boxes will prompt for an IP address. That IP is
Some boxes may request that you select a network type. If prompted you will see multiple options. These can be different for various setups. If the first option doesn’t work, you can try the other options. You won’t impact service even if you select the wrong network type.
If no luck on any front, please reach out to us. Our help desk will take calls tonight and we will work through any outstanding issues.
Thanks to everyone for your patience.

**Update 6-21-22 9am**

With the help of our IT Partners, we continue to work towards full restoral of all services. We made significant strides yesterday. We are cautiously optimistic that all systems will be in place and functional at some point today 6/21. Once that is completed, we will be able to test and confirm functionality and then begin the process of loading customers and services. More to come, but we are getting closer. Thanks!

**Update 6-16-22 7pm**

Cable TV is still down, as you’re all aware. The update of the evening is more of the same thing you’ve been hearing: we’re working on it. I wish we could give you a concrete time for restoral but the truth is there are so many moving parts to this operation that we can’t predict how fast things will be completed. We are coordinating efforts between our employees and several different vendors who each need to restore a different facet of the server that failed. Sourcing the components takes time, setting up new equipment takes time, and reloading data takes time. Our top priority at this juncture is to get Cable TV restored for all customers and we continue to work diligently towards that end. We are aware there are other outlying issues such as slower internet speeds in some areas, and as soon as all services are working for all customers we’ll be tackling those as well. Thanks, truly, to all of you who have been so wonderful throughout this week and we apologize again for the inconvenience. To the customer who dropped off the delicious scotcharoos yesterday – thanks so much, it was very much appreciated(and we’ve already stress-eaten them all)!

**Update 6-14-22 4:30pm**

Internet is currently working for all customers and Cable TV service is still down for all customers but we continue working to restore it. In the meantime we wanted to alert you to a service that you get for free with your subscription to our cable TV, Watch TV Everywhere. With Watch TV Everywhere (WTVE) you can view your favorite programming on your smart TV or on mobile devices wherever you go. You just need an internet connection and you can set up your account to access the channels you subscribe to on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. To get started:

1. Find your CCS account number and billing name; both are on the first page of your CCS bill.
2. Visit or and from the “Select Your TV Provider” drop down menu choose Complete Communication Services, then click register.
3. Complete the form and be sure the first user you register is the same person listed on your CCS bill.
4. Select your favorite channel from the options on your screen and enjoy the show! Some networks may ask you to sign in on their webpages, if you’re prompted to log in simply use the username and password you created for WTVE.

The credentials you create for WTVE also give you access to programming on each network’s smart TV app. After you’ve registered your account you can download each network’s app on your favorite streaming platform and look for a “login using TV provider” option, then select Complete Communication Services and log in with your WTVE credentials.

**Update 6-13-22 10:30pm**

Customers in Roland, Jewell and Gilbert should all begin seeing your modems come back online. We continue to work on TV issues and will have some additional work to do on internet as well, but wanted to do everything we could to restore. Please reach out if you are still without internet service. We will provide additional updates as they become available. Thank you for your patience.

**Original Post**

We had a major equipment failure on Saturday morning which led to the inability to connect customer locations to our DHCP servers. Attempts to restore with spares we had on hand were unsuccessful. We must now create new storage and then rebuild the servers that are affecting customer services. This requires hardware that had to be sourced and shipped. We have everything ordered and are pursuing other avenues to source this equipment as fast as possible. We certainly appreciate your reliance on our products and services for your home or business and know this delay in repair affects many of you. We will be issuing outage credit on the next billing cycle. Please know we are doing everything we can to restore your service in the most timely manner possible.