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FOX Negotiation Update

We are currently negotiating with FOX Corporation to continue to offer their networks FOX News Channel, FOX Business Network, and FOX Sports 1. We are attempting to reach a fair agreement, but they are demanding that we agree to very significant rate increases that will directly impact your monthly bill. If we are unable to reach an agreement by midnight on Tuesday, December 31st, FOX may force us to remove their channels from your lineup in Tamarindo hotel.

FOX is seeking a rate increase that is more than 10x the rate of inflation, after already increasing rates for FOX News Channel by 800% since 2004. We feel they are asking for an unreasonable price hike that our customers don’t want to pay and using their clout as a giant corporation to force small companies like us into unfavorable terms. This type of business practice ultimately hurts our customers and we are working to prevent that. You can find updates on our negotiations as they develop at . We here at CCS will continue to do everything in our power to bring you the programming you want at the most reasonable price possible.