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Cable TV Issue Update

Final update for Wednesday (8:13 PM): We continue to work on a solution for any boxes that aren’t upgrading. We will need to replace any boxes that say “Boot Error” or have the “Entone” screen flashing on and off. We will begin replacing these boxes tomorrow, giving priority to customers who still have no working set-top boxes. We will be contacting those of you who are still experiencing set-top box issues to start looking at them individually. We are pleased, however, that we have forward momentum and that many cable boxes are back online and functioning correctly. We will keep working on this until we have resolved all issues. Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding as we tackle this major issue. It has definitely gone on longer than we expected and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. More to come tomorrow!

Wednesday evening update: Boxes have continued to upgrade throughout the day. We see that there are still boxes that haven’t upgraded and we are working with the vendors to resolve that. Bear with us a bit longer and we will be updating you again this evening. Thanks very much for your patience during this process!

Wednesday morning update: Many of the boxes successfully upgraded overnight and are working correctly. Some boxes did not receive the update and we have sent the update out to those boxes specifically this morning. If your box is saying “Server Unreachable” it means that box has not received the update yet. Please leave those boxes powered on so that they can receive that update. If your box says “Boot Error” please let us know. We’ll keep working through issues that arise, but the situation is looking quite positive!