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Cable TV Issue Resolution Underway

*UPDATE (8:46 PM): Upgrades are continuing to roll out and will continue through the night. We are seeing most boxes coming back up and working after receiving the update. If you are seeing a message that says “boot error” or “server unreachable” in the morning give us a call and we will work to resolve the lingering issues.*

**Your box should reboot on its own when it receives the update. Please don’t reboot your set-top box unless it reboots on its own first. Leave your set-top boxes powered on so that they may receive the update when it is sent to them.**

We are beginning to send an update to your set-top boxes that should resolve our ongoing issues.  You may see your set-top box reboot on its own and begin to go through an upgrade process. If your box stops upgrading and shows a line of red text that says “Fail to retrieve IP address from DHCP server”, simply reboot the box again.  The upgrade may take several minutes to complete.  You may be asked to enter an IP address and if so you can give us a call at 515-838-2390 so we can walk you through entering the IP. This update is being released to certain set-top box models in groups, so you may need to wait a bit longer until your set-top box receives the update.  We will keep you posted as the update is released and will be on hand to answer questions and help get you up and running as soon as possible.  Thanks again for your patience!