Story City, Iowa Services

Stratford phone serviceBusiness and residential telephone service is now available in Story City through our partnership with Aureon Network Services. With your home or business telephone service you get unlimited long distance and additional features like call forwarding, caller ID and voicemail. Regardless of who your current provider is, you can also keep your number when you switch to us.

Check to see if service is available in your area, and then give us a call to get telphone service started to your home or business.

Standard Charges

The following outlines all charges for a single local phone line and all charges are prorated based upon a 30-day calendar month.

Phone service $24.00 $29.00
Unlimited long distance x x
Caller ID x x
Federal Access Charge $6.50 $7.35
EAS $1.13 $2.25
E911 Surcharge $1.00 $1.00
Dual Party Relay Service $0.03 $0.03
$32.66/mo $39.63/mo

Prices shown may not include all applicable taxes and fees. Additional features and options are available, give us a call to tailor your phone service to best fit your needs.

Want to save money?

By adding cable and internet in Story City you can!

  • Residental customers can save $10.00 each month by signing up for phone and internet and cable
  • Business customers can save $15.00 each month by signing up for phone, internet and cable service. Subscribe to all three services and 3 or more voice lines for an additional $25 monthly discount.

Starting Services

All new customers must fill out an application. An application can be downloaded from the link below (coming soon!) or you can stop by our office to fill one out. Completed applications should be brought to our offices between 8a and 4:30p Monday thru Friday.

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