Here you’ll find a number of resources designed to help you with common questions associated with your phone, internet and cable services  from us. If you still have questions after reviewing the information please feel free to give us a call; we’ll be happy to help.

Questions about your remote control?

Stratford residents: Take a look at the operating manual for your UR3L-SR4 remote control. This document will show you how to replace your batteries, describe what each button is used for and walk you through how to program your remote control should you ever need to.

CompleteTV User Guide

This online tool is a great resource for many of your CompleteTV questions. In it you’ll find information about the Interactive Guide, Infobar, Menubar, Reminders, Autotune Timers, DVR features, My Library, Parental Controls, Settings, Favorites, Search, Widgets, Wide-Screen HDTV Display, and FAQs. There’s a great search tool that will help you locate exactly what you’re looking for.

Setting up Your WTVE Account

With Watch TV Everywhere (WTVE) you can view your favorite programming on your mobile devices wherever you go. What’s even better?  It’s FREE for our CCS cable TV subscribers!  You just need an internet connection and you can set up your account to access the channels you subscribe to on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. To get started:

  1. Find your CCS account number and billing name; both are on the first page of your CCS bill.
  2. Visit and from the drop down menu, Select Your TV Provider, choose Complete Communication Services, then click register.
  3. Complete the form and be sure the first user you register is the same person listed on your CCS bill.
  4. Select your favorite channel from the options on your screen and enjoy the show!

Blocking 900 Phone Calls

If you have phone service in Stratford and you’d like to block access to dialing any 900 phone numbers from your phone you can do so using this form. Fill out the requested information and either drop off the form or mail it in.

Low-income Telephone Assistance Programs

Lifeline/Link-up is a telephone plan that assists low-income Iowans in obtaining telephone service. To learn more or to apply, please click here.

Automatic Payments

SMTC is making bill paying even easier through automatic bank debits. To have your payments taken from your account automatically each month, fill out the appropriate form and send or drop off the form in our offices.
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